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Monday, June 6, 2011

I learned something Today Cont.

As we all know summer is here along with all the exciting things summer brings, beaches, parties and oppressively hot cars. Getting into a hot car during an even hotter day can be brutal and relief only comes when the windows are down or the A/C is cranking.

Now you could easily have a remote car starter installed and start your car from a mile away and have it ice cold by the time you get to it (starters cost about $200) or when you are poor like myself you could use some of the following tips to make that initial heat shock much easier to bear.

Tip #1- Park under a tree or in a shady area: most parking lots have a section covered by foliage that you can easily park your car under. This will drastically cool your car off while you are shopping that great sale.

Tip#2- Those silly looking windshield shades actually work: although this is not a good as parking under a tree it is still better than burning your buns on a hot seat. If you place the shade on your dashboard shiny side out the suns hot rays will be reflected away from your car.

Tip#3- Tinted windows aren't just for gangsters: Window tinting for cars is very popular in the lower 48 because it actually keeps your car from spontaneously combusting. Tinting your windows should be done by a professional not because you totally couldn't do it yourself, but because it will look a lot better if you pay that cute grease monkey who's done it a million times.

Any other tips on how to keep a car cool in the summer are totally welcomed.
Happy Driving!

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