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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So as you all know it rained this past weekend here in New England and along with all the frizzy hair and smeared mascara came the one question all us women were asking... Where the hell is that umbrella I swore I left in my car?
Now, I'm sure there were many other questions you were asking yourself this weekend but keeping an umbrella in the car is very important, especially if you're like me and he really curly hair.
My tip for you this Tuesday morning is to buy a compact umbrella.
Amazon has some really cute one's for not a lot of money. The only reason why I say compact is so you can tuck it in any of those really convenient spots in your car that larger umbrellas won't fit into.
I have a Subaru and I keep mine in the pocket on the lower half of the driver side door. You could also hook it around the shifter knob in a car with a center console shifter, keep it in the pocket behind your seat, in the glove compartment, etc.
This way you always have it and its not in your way!

For the fashionistas out there, Burberry and Coach make some wonderful compact umbrellas as well.

Where is your favorite place to keep your umbrella?

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