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Monday, June 6, 2011

I learned something today

When growing up as young women our foremost concern is usually related to clothing, boys, school, makeup, etc. When I was growing up my main concern was why isn't my car running right? I know that sounds kind of silly but not so when you grow up with a family of mechanics and DIY buffs.

I have been learning as much about cars since I can remember. From matchbox cars in elementary school to my 1984 Montecarlo LS in high school.

Now I offer all you young women the knowledge I have gained through experience, hard-work, and some great advice, so you can tackle all your car problems, questions and concerns with confidence.

(please note that all advice and discussions posted in this blog are no substitute for the opinion of an actual mechanic, please do not try any of this at home).

Welcome to Dresses to Wrenches!

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